Gameplay: a paramilitary group with tasks for terrain control, anti-partisan actions, finding fugitives, and winning the support of the local population.

This faction is suitable mainly for organized groups with interest in military simulation, but individual non-experienced participants are also welcome.

BDU state that their aim is to protect Balgia’s sovereignty and to defend the Balgian population from the religious Dursian troops. They cooperate to the few Balgian border guards but are not under their command.

One of the main goals of the BDU volunteers is their legitimation before the authorities and the population, so they actively help the VF112 fire and rescue team.

Another goal BDU are pursuing is to provide funding for their activities. Therefore they always attempt contacting high-ranking Durcian fugitives and provide them with a secure passage inside Balgia, of course, in exchange of solid amounts of currency.

BDU have a variety of staff ranging from well-prepared veterans to young, untrained additions from the local population.

In the recent hostilities BDU suffered great losses, but their battle spirit is high. Will they be able to oppose the sinister groups of “True Faith”?