Gameplay: a paramilitary group with tasks of field control, capture of fugitives and winning the support of the local population for the cause. This  faction is open only for organized groups with prior airsoft experience and interest in military simulations.

The commanders of the Durcian “True Faith” troops, operating in Eastern Balgia, are determined to capture the dissident fugitives. The situation is complex – the local population is torn apart by sympathy towards different parties in the conflict. Balgian border guards and paramilitary forces patrol the border area.  Durcian civilians must be protected and guided to the True Faith, and the infidels from  the VF112 can not be left unsupervised.

Do not expect the see the undisciplineds martyrs of  the Faith from the beginning of the conflict! Durcian religious fighters are well organized and equipped, and their unshakable faith makes them a really scary opponent!

The rumors also speak of a new sect of religious extremists, even more brutal in the imposition of the Faith. No one, however, can surely confirm the eerie bruit.