Gameplay: roleplay interactions, various missions to help other factions of personal choice, even possibility to join other factions.

Participation in this faction is open to all, however, previous experience in LARP or other simulation games, is welcome.

This faction provides the players with the opportunity to fully immerse in the simulation’s athmosphere, without the need to be fully committed to a specific activity or gameplay, as the case of the other factions is. Civilians are free to set the pace, intensity and objectives of their game at any given time – whether they will have a bite and rest in the Refugee Camp of cover tens of kilometers to complete missions – is completely up to them.

The civilians in the are a varied mixture of people, mainly of Durcian ethnicity. Some of them are refugees from the war in th meighboring Durcia, others come from burned Balgian villages along the border, or are public servants helping to overcome the refugee crisis. In these troubled times many are just trying to survive, yet others are using the opportunity to earn some money or even raise their socialĀ  status. A person can hardly overcome their nature…