This is one of the most attractive factions in the simulation; some participants have been signing to play  fugitives every time for years.

Gameplay: surviving and performing tasks on a vast terrain, while pursued and without equipment.

Although the game takes place in early autumn, although it lasts “only” 24 hours, participating as a fugitive is a great challenge, not only game wize, but also physically and mentally. You will most likely have to cover long distances offroad, crossing a rough terrain, often while pursued; you will have to survive with scarce food and water rations and a very little sleep in the open.

Do not underestimate the trial! In previous releases of Razor Wire not all fugitives have managed to complete the simulation. Exhaustion, joint pains, hypothermia, disorientation and getting lost are real reasons for fugitives to voluntarily surrender to their pursuers.

This year the fugitives impersonate representatives of the Durcian secular intellectual elite and government. They cross the Balgian border, fleeing from the fanatics of True Faith that are pursuing them. The only people they could rely on for help are sympathizers from the local population or other Durcian refugees. Trusting someone, however, is dangerous – the agents and supporters of the religious faction in Durcia are everywhere.