Dursia, one of the big countries on the continent, has been torn off by a protracted civil war. The main rival factions in this war are the pro-governmental secular forces and their enemy – the religious faction “True Faith”. The surrounding countries are overwhelmed by waves of refugees and often turn into maneuvering ground for the various groups involved in the conflict.

The neighboring Balgia is in a political and financial crisis. The situation in the eastern frontier regions, mainly inhabited by ethnic Dursians, is particularly grave. The government has no control over large territories run by local warlords. Thousands of refugees are crossing the border, fleeing the war, and along with them – armed “True Faith” units seeking support among the local population.

In this complicated situation, volunteers from the Balgian Fire and Rescue Unit VF112 are working to prevent a humanitarian crisis. They establish and maintain logistic refugee camps, provide medical assistance, carry out rescue actions for refugees lost in the mountains and provide fire surveillance in the area.

The paramilitary Balgian Defense Units also operate in the area. They have declared that their goal is to protect Balgia’s sovereignty and to defend Balgian population from the aggression of the Durcian religious extremists.